Barb's Rant:

February 4, 2010

Hey there! So we're now 10 pages in and you're probably saying to yourself, "Hey - where's the *&&^%# rollergirls?!?" To which I reply (with a rolled-up newspaper), "Back! They're coming! We have to get through some exposition and character introduction first! Sheesh." Really, have just a smidge of patience and enjoy getting to know Lili and Sarah a little better. And waffles. Have some waffles. :D

Con notes: Marscon was completely awesome. We had four great panels and the audiences were enthusiastic. Many thanks to our panelists - Danny Valentini, Donnie Sturges, and Jamie Sturges (The Draconia Chronicles), Rob Balder (Erfworld), and Steve Napierski (Dueling Analogs). Also, here's a quick shout-out to those we wish we could have spent more time with: Kara, Dwight, Michael, Jessie, Helen, Deb, Gecko, Dan, Eric, and those crazy kids from Luna-C. The next con is Katsucon; sadly, I can't make it this year because of childcare issues, but my presence is felt in the program book. Chris will be there, roaming the halls and hanging out with the super-cool kids from Super Art Fight. If you happen to see him, say "hey" and let him know how you feel about the comic. You can also express your deep devastation that I'm not there to brighten the con with my ever-sunny disposition. :D

More as more occurs...