The New Webpage

The PHP code behind Fragile Gravity held up admirably with a minimum of patches over the years. Sledgebunny is a newer, more buzzword-compliant beastie, and as such there may be a few growing pains here and there. The major differences from the visitor's perspective are the use of custom fonts, and an AJAX-based image loader for the archive system. As of this writing, the page has been tested on Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. The only known issue at this time is that the body font isn't loading in Chrome.

If you have troubles with the new page, feel free to shoot me an eMail. (The address is in a rollover graphic on the front page, so as not to invite automated spammers.) Image precaching will be added soon, and the Fragile Gravity archive will be migrated into a new page based on Sledgebunny's architecture.

Warning - Artistic License in Use

As much as the creators love roller derby, we do have to genuflect to the rules of the sports anime genre. What's it mean? Means we'll be bending a few of the derby rules to make things interesting for our protagonists. However, if there are parts of the matches you want to expound on or if you know more sources that would help out the verismilitude, drop me a line at sledgebunnybarb (AT)

The Update Schedule, Such As It Is

The update schedule will be a little loose as I build some experience in this full-color, graphic novel format. I plan to have new pages weekly at the very least, and hope to graduate into somewhat tighter schedules down the road. The Fragile Gravity mini-comic has no set schedule - we'll update it as we come up with strips that amuse us.