Chris' Rant:

September 12, 2011

Eesh - a slew of early fall activity has kept me swamped, which is why the pages aren't flowing nearly as fast as I'd like. I will be remedying that over the next few days.

Meanwhile, you can catch us at Intervention this weekend at various panels, at Super Art Fight, and artist alley table 37 - where you can see the debut of our armadillo figures hand-sculpted by the ridonkulously skilled Kelsey Wailes! (As seen on io9!) I really need to eat her heart and absorb her powers - then I would be so late. But in the meantime, I'll also be drawing 'dillo art cards as usual.

Then, on October 7 it's Death Star, a Star Wars-themed horror art show at the Charmed Life Gallery in Baltimore. It should be almost as scarring as the soon-to-be-released BluRay edition of Return of the Jedi.