Chris' Rant:

February 25, 2010

The thing about graphic novels is that you do occasionally wait for an update and get a page which doesn't say all that much, so sorry if all the setup is getting a bit tiring - the main plot really starts going faster at this point. Plus, (finally!) an new FGmini! And a new Minus Jon Plus Jon, all on the same day? I must be hopped up on DayQuil. [wheeze]

Also, new conventions announced on the creators' page: Technicon 27 down at the old alma mater in Blacksburg, and Intervention - a brand-spanking new con, complete with Super Art Fight performance, in September.

Oh yeah, and the jQuery Cookbook really does have a stoat on the cover.

Fifty mph winds blowing outside. Man, it REALLY needs to hurry up and be spring now. This season will be the death of me.